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Shopitnear- the Alternative Marketplace you MUST try!

Now more than ever, there are many marketplaces jostling for the attention of both customers and sellers.  From the dominant global players to niche offerings, there are so many options if you're looking to shop or if you're looking to sell.
So, what makes Shopitnear Unique?  In other words, why should you both shop and, if applicable to you, sell on our marketplace?


Well, here are a couple of key things you should know about Shopitnear:

1. We welcome ALL sorts of Small Businesses

Shopitnear is not niche!  So, you’ll find Unique, Handcrafted items as well as Well- known International Brands that are being sold by Small Business owners.  That means more choice for customers.

2. We’re a NATIONAL marketplace with LOCAL filters

Shopitnear covers the UK, it is not restricted to a local area.  So, you can buy from any business on our site, anywhere in the country AND you can filter to find products or businesses within a radius of your choice.

3. We’re a FAMILY-RUN marketplace

We're a Small Business ourselves!  Both customers and the small business owners  who join us receive a high level of support with a personal touch, a different experience from dealing with massive corporations.

4. We're a LOW-COST market place

Unlike many other marketplaces, we do NOT charge businesses to list their products on our site, it is FREE for them to set up and list an unlimited number of products!  We only take a small percentage (7%) of any sale. You see, we are conscious of how every penny counts for Small Business owners and so we are committed to keeping Shopitnear as cost-effective as possible. 


So, if you're a customer, you can be assured that when you buy from Shopitnear you're truly supporting Small Businesses.  Try it for yourself and see!

And if you are Small Business owner with your own product-based business, join us to list your great products on our marketplace.

Let's work together to support Small Businesses in the UK!


By Martha Joveluro


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