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The Conscious Decision to Shop Small


A friend said something to me, a couple of months ago, that really struck me.  In fact, as I’ve been reflecting on it ever since, I’ve become convinced that what she said is fundamental to the growth and success of Small Businesses across the country and the UK economy as a whole!  (She’s not an economist by the way!)

Shopping Small starts in the mind

So, this is what my friend said: “I’ve got a few friends’ birthdays coming up and some other things I need to buy so when I’m shopping, I’ll always check Shopitnear first and see if I can find what I’m looking for.” 

And this is ‘The Conscious Decision’ my friend has made in her own mind: Whatever she needs to purchase, she will CHECK FIRST if she can buy it from a UK Small Business, via Shopitnear. 

When to Shop Small

Now, did you notice what my friend didn’t say? She did NOT say “I am only, ever going to buy from Small Businesses, via Shopitnear”.  No, she said “I am going to always check Shopitnear FIRST”.

Of course, if she can’t find what she needs, she’ll buy it elsewhere, maybe from a chain store or a large online corporation.  But do you know what? Most of the time, my friend has found what she’s looking for from a Small Business on Shopitnear- things for herself, her home or gifts for others.  And sometimes she’s found something even better than she imagined!

Why Shop Small

Now just imagine if we all followed my friend's example and made The Conscious Decision to CHECK FIRST if we complete our purchase from a UK Small Business.  It would mean that, as a nation, we would buy from Small Businesses much more often and every single purchase would impact businesses owners and their families, local communities, the UK economy and sometimes global communities too! (as I highlight in this blog post here)

How to Shop Small

In practical terms, what does The Conscious Decision to Shop Small look like?  It looks like this: taking 1 minute, or 10 minutes if necessary, to check online and see if you can find what you’re looking for from a Small Business based in the UK. That’s the first step and it costs you nothing.

If you worried you don’t have time, that’s why we created Shopitnear! To give you an easy, convenient way to browse products from many Small Businesses in one place, so that time does not become a blocker, so that you don’t have to choose between convenience and your conscience when you’re shopping. 

Will you commit to Shopping Small?

So, what do you make of The Conscious Decision? (That’s what I’ve come to call it over the last few weeks, I felt it needed a name!)  Will you CHECK FIRST if you can Shop Small? Is it something you could commit to yourself?

Here’s a final word from my friend about their experience using Shopitnear to buy from Small Businesses: “It is great knowing that with every item I buy I support a person and not a big corporation. Excellent service from all the sellers as each customer matters to them.”

Why not try it for yourself and see?    


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