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Eight Reasons You Should Shop From UK Small Businesses

Eight Reasons You Should Shop From UK Small Businesses












How do YOU benefit when you shop from UK Small Businesses? And what impact does your purchase have on others? 

Let me highlight both what you GET and what you GIVE when you buy from Small Businesses. 

Firstly, what do you GET?


What do you GET when you Shop from Small Business?

Chatting to our different small business owners over the phone, I’ve been struck by how much each one of them invests into the products they make or source.  So, when you buy from independent businesses, you’re getting not just fantastic products but also the expertise, the skill, the creativity, innovation and even the personal life experience of the Small Business owners themselves.   Let me give you some examples….


1. The Expertise of Small Business Owners

I think of Tim and Sam from Lighthouse Toys, based in Cambridgeshire, who are passionate about encouraging children’s development.  Using Sam’s knowledge as a former science teacher, they carefully select the best toys that enable learning through play.   Sam and Tim have tested many of the toys and resources they sell for themselves, as you’ll see from their carefully written product descriptions, helping you to choose the best for the children or teenagers in your life. 


2. The Skill of Small Business Owners

So many Small Business owners are incredibly talented. You only have to taste the delicious produce from amazing artisan foodmakers to be struck by their skill and the quality you get to enjoy as a result. On Shopitnear, you can buy from Small Businesses like Artistry in Cocoa, Cambridge Artisan Cheese, The Newcastle Biltong Company and many others offering exceptional produce made with great skill.


3. The Innovation of Small Business Owners

One reason to shop from Small Businesses is to get something original and unique. But have you noticed that some Small Businesses are truly innovative? For example, on Shopitnear you’ll find a Small Business called Swimbandz, where the owner Elisabeth has designed an alternative to swimming caps that is perfect for all hair types. You’ll also find Pawfect Bags, where Nick has designed a British-made bag that means dog walkers no longer have to carry bags of poo between their fingers!


4. The Life Experience of Small Business Owners

Finally, when you shop from a Small Business, you are buying from actual people, not faceless corporations. So often, you are getting a piece of their story, their life experience, which has shaped their business and the products you purchase. I remember Debbie, who, following the loss of her son, launched Denade Keepsake to provide special memorial and keepsake items.  And I think of Mulenga, born in Zambia, who was inspired to bring her cultural heritage alive in her own home and to make her beautiful creations available to us all through her business, Nobei Interiors.

So there you have it, a snapshot of what you GET when you buy from a Small Business.  On Shopitnear, you can clearly see the business behind each product and you can read a description of that business, written by its owner- a great way to understand the passion and motivation that has led to them providing the product in front of you. 

But when you Shop from Small Businesses, you don’t just GET you also GIVE.


What do you GIVE when you Shop from Small Business?

Your seemingly simple online purchase from a Small Business can have a huge ripple effect: impacting the people behind that small business, their families, their community, the UK economy and even the wider world as well! 


5. The Global Impact of Shopping from Small Businesses

The wider world as well, I hear you say? Yes! I'm thinking of one of the fantastic businesses listing on Shopitnear: GNGR Bees. At GNGR Bees, they believe creating sustainable products ethically should be the norm. So, amongst the rescued & reclaimed plastic bottles & fishing nets they use to bring you high quality activewear, GNGR Bees goes a step further by partnering up with vulnerable communities around the world to create every component of their supply chain. When you purchase from a Small Business that’s making a difference, you are part of that positive impact too!


6. The Environmental Impact of Shopping from Small Businesses

An increasing number of small businesses are making clear commitments to ethical and environmental standards and this helps you as a shopper to make those choices too.  For example, Beth at Ivy&Bee- Interiors has chosen to carefully source her homeware and accessories with an eco-friendly approach (she has so excellent taste, so many beautiful items!) as well as to work with Ecologi to plant a tree with every order. 


7. The Community Impact of Shopping from Small Businesses

Another reason to buy from small businesses is that your purchase directly helps both the local and national economy.  My mind jumps straight to The Canny Hamper Co, where Kristinne thoughtfully curates hampers showcasing local produce from Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, collaborating with other small businesses in that area to make up the hampers. 


8. The Personal Impact of Shopping from Small Businesses

Finally (and I know you already know this) behind every small business is an individual or a team.  When they receive your order, it means a lot.  It brings income to a family, it validates a new venture, it encourages new ideas, it enables a dream to grow into reality.


So why buy from Small Businesses? Well, you get so much more but you also give..… yes, with just one purchase from a small business, you can give AND get at the same time- how satisfying is that??




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