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Number Bonds in a Flash

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With the help of the Flashies family, we want to take you on a journey into mastering you Number Bonds. But firstly, what are Number Bonds?

Number bonds are one of the key foundations of maths. It encompasses the ability to know which pairs of numbers combine to make another, and without mastering these, all the other areas of maths will be so much more tricky. Our cards are focused on helping children master their Number Bonds to 10, 100 and even some take-away questions, so that your children no longer need to use their fingers to do questions like "What do we add to 3, to make 10?"

So, how do the cards work?

By using unique characters to help visualise the numbers, children automatically begin to think of the numbers as pairs. For example, being able to see Mr 6 the Hippo sitting on his number 4 chair, shows that 6 and 4 must be a bond to 10. As the questions get harder through our 4 levels, the clues on the back slowly decrease. We have free worksheets available on www.flashies.co.uk which are really useful in cementing all that is learnt using the cards!

Each pack consists of 36 cards, split into 4 levels which are colour coordinated. We'd always recommend mastering each level before moving onto the next. We know that you'll never think of Number Bonds in the same way again after using our flash cards! 

Excellent product, love the concept of using stories to help with maths. The cards are brilliant quality, a great tool to have at home to help young children.
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